Written by  Ave Stone

abstractly viewed
The Capitol rises out
of the marmalade

denote the magic
of seeds planted, life springs
bridged gaps between

galactic dancers
gather on rooftops at night
to howl at the moon

jamming riffs of drugs
drum keys and pearly gates spark
a soul universe

marvel at us, gay
and flamboyantly awake
we bring the dawn in

perpetual line
of tradition buries them
in tombs of gray stones

supernova star
above the mountains, glimmers
in golden



beautiful curves line
the upward path, a city
carved by canyon streams

everything you see
is coupled phonetically
another heart beats

hilltop monument
raised with lustrous stibnite
invisible art

keeper of secrets
the seven-eleven lights
shamanic rituals

northern whispers drift
softly, soothing ancient trees
bring them back to earth

quietness exudes
the minor fall from fourth, ave
means to bid farewell

take back the last three
replace "X" with letter "T"
the end is virgin

Virginia blossoms
ending the chaste enchantment
with pure avenue

covered vines disguise
polygamist remnants
phantasms haunt my home

fantastic visions
guide past, present, future life
igniting these streets

imagine terror
storming through one's consciousness
igniting flight, twice

lonely wanderlust
exploring eastward lamp light
flickers on and off

old holds on power
build mansions out of nothing
but rest, dead, asleep

restored delicate
shop fronts offer nourishment
yellow plate like sun

urbanites travel
through a system taught in school
alphabetic streets